About Me

Well, where do I start? My name is Megan (I prefer to be called Meg.) I am a soon to be 22 year-old Journalism student. I have not always been interested in a career in Fashion. Of course, like any other girl, I always liked to dress cute, but until recently, dressing cute was enough for me. I went to private schools all the way up until college and through the use of school uniforms and dress codes, fashion was not a part of the curriculum and was valued at little importance. As I get more and more interested in fashion, dressing cute becomes less of a priority. Now, I am into fashion as an extension and an expression of myself. Thats what fashion is supposed to be to everyone. When I look at videos of fashion shows, I not only see beautiful clothing but the imagination and dreams of those designers and it inspires me. The same thing with writing. I feel like the only thing that supersedes my love of fashion, is my love of writing. I have literally been writing, since I could write. I always kept diaries as a child and in doing so, I never felt like I could truly gather or express myself without writing. Thankfully, I have discovered a profession that combines both my love of fashion and writing.

A few facts about me!
current location: Nashville, Tennessee
hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
birthday: February 8, 1989
two older brothers
extremely loving parents
3 dogs named Shadow, Bebe, and Chloe.
bf named Len
and a love for music, food, life, and fashion! :)

wanna know more? ask! meg.richmond@hotmail.com