Introduction to Blog

Hi! My name is Meg and I am THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FASHION! MOST of the pictures featured are all my personal pictures taken mostly by me and my bf. Some of them will be pics from other websites or blogs that are either on my wishlist, or just my top picks. AIl outside photos will be credited though. Anyway, I am a journalism student at MTSU and I dream of becoming a fashion journalist and writer. I decided to start a style blog just to show people that it is possible to be stylish on a (small) budget! I am a broke college student! lol! About 60% of my wardrobe is thrifted and I love it. I'll also feature other things of interest to me such as interior design! I hope you all really enjoy my blog! Feel free to comment, borrow pics (as long as you attribute them back to this blog), and email me anytime!

-Meg :)