Monday, March 7, 2011

2 years and counting.

I have been a terrible blogger and am very mad at myself for abandoning my blog! But I am back! And i fully plan to do at LEAST one post a week but hopefully more! Anyway, yesterday was me and lens' 2 year anniversary and I had to celebrate in style!

I love this picture because I look very tall and long (for once lol). Im wearing this dark blue assymetrical dress from Forever 21 with a yellow neon belt also from Forever, my moms old cream blazer (that fits me perfect!) and nude Aldo pumps that I am obsessed with!

my bf's great new shoes that he found at Goodwill. (please ignore my filthy car floor under his feet!)

Spring Break is very uneventful and I'm actually ready for it to be over! This semester is just flying by (thank God!) Later! :)

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