Thursday, January 13, 2011

Live from New York...

Visited New York for the first time last week and I am seriously in LOVE!! Truely a beautiful place! I was so sad to leave! Here are a few things that I bought and some random pictures I took on my phone!

 Wedges from Forever 21 that I've been eying online for months! I was so overwhelmed/extremely blissful to be in a four story Forever!
 Wedges from H&M that my bf spotted during thier crazy, insane sale! There was literally an H&M on every block in NYC! I was not prepared!
 me and my bf in the cab! love him! :)
 Times Square!!
 My favorite four letter word besides LOVE! lol!
 Us goofing off!
I would've taken some pictures of my outfits with the beautiful NYC back drop but it was just so freakin cold I could not bear to take off my coat! Not even for a second! Next time I go, it'll be in the Spring! :)

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